So I am a 31 year old from Pittsburgh. I nanny for a WONDERFUL family!

I adore: Keanu Reeves Jim Carrey Lady GaGa Drew Barrymore Cory Monteith Matthew Gray Gubler Sandra Bullock Leo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Anne Hathaway Jerry Trainor Fuck and this guy named.. What? Oh! TOM HARDY?! Sex, comic books, movies and music.

You can call me Kate, Kat, Katie, Katie-Jean, Kitty, Kitty-Kat, Miss Kate or fucking awesome.

19th January 2012

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-my breathing grows heavy. Groaning every time you take my shaft into your mouth. Can’t help but push up at you a bit. I growl as you pull your mouth away- “Not fair Kitty.” -I push harder against your hand, needing to feel more contact. 

-I smirk devilishly and continue to only use the tops of my fingers to caress your hard-on, only picking up the speed lightly before reaching back down to swirl my tongue around the tip.  I sit up abruptly and run my hands up over your chest and down your shoulders- “If you get off there’s no going back for awhile.  Your move.”

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    -brushes the hair off your forehead and holds your face in my hands. I kiss you again- “Tommy, if I was gonna leave you...
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    those perky nipples