So I am a 31 year old from Pittsburgh. I nanny for a WONDERFUL family!

I adore: Keanu Reeves Jim Carrey Lady GaGa Drew Barrymore Cory Monteith Matthew Gray Gubler Sandra Bullock Leo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Anne Hathaway Jerry Trainor Fuck and this guy named.. What? Oh! TOM HARDY?! Sex, comic books, movies and music.

You can call me Kate, Kat, Katie, Katie-Jean, Kitty, Kitty-Kat, Miss Kate or fucking awesome.

5th August 2012

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You know the third time I saw this, Erik Apple’s Millenium Falcon fighting off the Death Star tattoo kinda ruined his “Mad Dog” image.  It DID however solidify him as a bad ass in REAL life.

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