So I am a 31 year old from Pittsburgh. I nanny for a WONDERFUL family!

I adore: Keanu Reeves Jim Carrey Lady GaGa Drew Barrymore Cory Monteith Matthew Gray Gubler Sandra Bullock Leo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Anne Hathaway Jerry Trainor Fuck and this guy named.. What? Oh! TOM HARDY?! Sex, comic books, movies and music.

You can call me Kate, Kat, Katie, Katie-Jean, Kitty, Kitty-Kat, Miss Kate or fucking awesome.

19th July 2014

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Shake it Out a Warrior Fanfic


I JUST had a request for a post containing all of the chapters of my story.  After being told this week that it’s a pile of shit no better than Twilight, I can’t tell you how happy this DM made me.  Ashley encouraged me earlier in the week to post my story anyways like she did.  So here we go. 

TRIGGER WARNINGS: intense sexual intercourse, violent foreplay between a man and a woman, a severe episode of PTSD, drug and alcohol use. 

((This story was inspired by a series of very vivid, very tangible dreams I had over the course of a few months.  So yes, it’s a fucking Mary Sue.  But it’s ME 100% and I’m admitting that.  You can put yourself in my shoes if you desire.  I encourage you to))

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1st May 2014

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you know what i love

i love when you find that one character. that character that is your absolute favorite. the character that, just by thinking of them, makes you incredibly emotional. you know that character is the one for you. they’re your number one. and you know you will never love another more

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13th April 2014

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28th January 2014

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Tommy Conlon tea blend →

Just thought Tommy deserved his own tea blend. :)

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13th September 2013

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There is a movie with Sly Stallone and Robert de Niro that takes place in Pittsburgh (NOT filmed here!) in which they play ANCIENT boxers who come out of retirement for a grudge match.  Basically it’s Rocky vs Raging Bull, or “You owe me 200 bucks: 2049” <—- Warrior Reference lol

I just.. I’m full of can’t right now.

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30th August 2013

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50 Movie Sibling Rivalries | Features | Empire →

Look who came in at an impressive #16:

Not quite sure why The King’s Speech and In Her Shoes and Anchorman or Stepbrothers are before the Conlons.  King George’s brother WILLINGLY abdicated the throne for the love of his life, he just didn’t know if Bertie was cut out for it.  The sisters in In Her Shoes aren’t rivals, one is just an immature bitch.  The Lion King, THAT!  That deserves to be in the top lol

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29th April 2013

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These fake Tom Hardy character accounts got NOTHING on Tommy and Pascal or the ORIGINAL Eames

Those lasted a year?  Close to it.

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14th April 2013


I love when people rip-off something I’ve been working hard on for the past year and a half.

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20th March 2013

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This was on my dash.  One day Tommy you will no longer be.. Sullen.

This was on my dash.  One day Tommy you will no longer be.. Sullen.

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5th March 2013

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For He Who Sheds His Blood (A One-Shot) →


We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother

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1st March 2013

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Seriously, favorite Tom Face

(Eames and Pascal are close enough!)

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27th February 2013

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Now Tommy AND Brendan are on covers of popular books.

Wouldn’t Pops be proud!  Maybe they’ll get together as Ishmael and Captain Ahab and redo the cover for Moby Dick.

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24th February 2013

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Shake It Out Chapter 6 posted →

You can’t hold me, I’m too slippy,
I do no sleeping, I get wandering
You can touch me if you want to,
I got poison, just my body.

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22nd February 2013

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God Bless America

God Bless America

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20th February 2013

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Shake It Out A Fanfic in Progress →

I”ve been a fool, and I’ve been blind.  I can never leave the past behind. I can see no way, I can see no way.  I’m always dragging that horse around..”

Tagged: tommy conlontom hardyfor anyone who missed it last nightwarrior fanficbrendan conlonjoel edgertonbecause yes he is a part of the fic :)